RockStar Help Desk How To’s

How to process a refund in Nanacast



How to add a bad buyer or serial-refunder
to Blacklist in Nanacast and JV Zoo



How to handle refund requests

1. (first canned response) need all info from them

2. verify they qualify for the refund (sales page, outside of refund period, duplicate for affiliate bonus etc)

3. then after you process the refund, reply with canned response if they qualify. or deny it.

4. If they are jerks, serial-refunders or really bad buyers then blacklist them.

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How to deal with disputes

1. Send email to all emails listed asking to contact help desk using the dispute template email here: Click Here

2. Post message in PayPal Resolution Center to contact help desk. Here is what I write: Click Here

3. show paypal that they did not open a help desk ticket and chose to open dispute ( I take a screenshot)

Note: If they did contact help desk for refund then I wont take a screenshot obviously.

If they did contact our help desk asking for a refund, then I will just reply to that ticket telling them to remove the dispute and we will be happy to refund them. But only after removing the dispute. If they wont remove the dispute, remind them that PayPal doesnt protect buyers from digital goods and paste the email template in the ticket reply.

4. after they close dispute refund them and add them to jv zoo and nanacast blacklist by email and IP Address (nanacast)

Note: If you send an email to all the buyers emails listed in JV Zoo and or PayPal and the emails bounce back, then it might be a scammer and they might do a chargeback next.

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My take on Blacklisting and Banning people:

I only blacklist people that come off crazy rude and for no reason.
Like the buyer that was threatening to call ftc and calling us thieves etc.

otherwise the only other times I would blacklist them:

1. they open a dispute or chargeback.

Note: if they close the dispute I will refund them and still blacklist them.
We gotta spank these bad buyers and might remove the ban if they apologize and promise to be good 🙂

2. if they bought 2-3 products and refunded all 2-3 of them

If they bought 2 products and refunded both.. I blacklist them

if they bought 3 products and they only refunded 2 of them then i wont blacklist

Basically I want to see they have paid and kept 1-3 of our products and not refund every time.

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